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2x2x2 Cube

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Model: Rubik's Cube Style Puzzle


This 2x2x2 cube is a superbly constructed puzzle with incredibly smooth rotational movement. It measures 5cm3, slightly smaller than a standard 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube. Due to the incredibly smooth rotational movement, the cube is suitable for speedcubing.


The cube requires no adjusting as the manufacturer's default setting is absolutely excellent.


The cube is 5cm3 - slightly smaller than a standard Rubik's Cube (5.6cm3).


The cube comes in a clear cellophane wrapper. It is also wrapped in bubble wrap for protection during transit.


The cube weighs approximately 0.1Kg.

Add A Velvet Effect Presentation Pouch To Your Order:

Add a velvet effect presentation pouch for your puzzle for GBP 0.75 by clicking on the drop down box below. The usual price for this presentation pouch is GBP 1.25.


Matt Vardi, Saturday 08. November, 2008
this is great light quick absolutely perfect for speed cubing. it is just like an eastsheen cube.there is only 1 problem and that is that there is a pink/purple face instead of an orange
Ryan Kim, Tuesday 23. December, 2008
Really good cube Soft when twisting. The colours are like eastsheen. Orange--_Purple. But Still it doesnt affect that much!
Luke Benjii, Thursday 04. June, 2009
This Eastsheen 2x2x2 is a great spead cube, but can't really cut corners, however, it doesn't pop, so you can give it a go!

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