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Cube Lube

After many requests from customers we have, at last, produced our own lube for all plastic twisty puzzles. Cube Lube is an odourless, viscous pure silicone fluid for decreasing friction on all moving parts of twisty puzzles such as a standard 3x3x3 cube.
Cube Lube is a 100% Dimethicone, also known as Dimethylsiloxane or E900. This versatile substance is used in many things such as shampoo, cosmetics, hair conditioner and even food products as well as lubricants.
How To Lube Your Cube:
Please copy and paste the following youtube link into your browser - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7labGfgSmPw - this clip clearly shows the basic method. As cube lube is made of 100% Dimethicone (identical to Lubix) the method is identical, though I would personally use a little more than the guy in the clip. Applying the correct amount of lube is a matter of trial and error and personal judgement. If you have applied too much, just wipe the excess off with a paper towel.
Cube Lube comes in our 40ml plastic, squeezable bottle. However, the Cube Lube itself is only 20ml. Therefore, the bottle will only appear to be half full. That said, 20ml of Cube Lube will lubricate dozens of twisty puzzles, so you are unlikely to run out!
Where can you ship it to?
We can ship Cube Lube to anywhere in the UK and also the EU.
I have applied some Cube Lube and my cube seems slower, why?
You have probably put too much Cube Lube on the puzzle. Simply wipe off some of the lube and you should find that it speeds up nicely.
What sizes does Cube Lube come in?
We sell Cube Lube in 10ml, 15ml and 20ml sizes. Even a 10ml bottle is enough to lube dozens of standard 3x3x3 cubes. A 20ml bottle should lube even the largest collection of puzzles!
Do I need to lube the core?
Although taking a cube apart can be a hassle, you will find that using Cube Lube on the 6 stalks of your 3x3x3 cube will be worthwhile as a great deal of the friction that slows a cube down comes from the core.
How long will the lube work for?
Cube Lube will continue to work for months in the core of your cube as it is a viscous substance and has nowhere to go to break down. Therefore, one "dot" will last in the core for a long time. In order to decrease surface-to-surface friction you should apply one "dot" of Cube Lube as needed.
Is Cube Lube safe to touch?
Cube Lube is an inert and completely harmless substance. Cube Lube is smooth and silky to the touch, exactly how you would expect a lube to feel! However, as your eyes are sensitive, please avoid direct contact with them as it may cause slight irritation. However, this is no more dangerous that getting a little soap in your eyes. In fact, it is less irritating and harmful to the eyes than soap.
How does Cube Lube compare to other lubricants?
Cube Lube is made of 100% Dimethicone. Another well known lube that is 100% Dimethicone is Lubix. Cube Lube is innert and harmless (not all lubes are as friendly to human skin as this) and does not harm any form of plastic. Some silicone spray lubes have been found to break down some plastics, ultimately causing your cube to break apart completely. Because it is a viscous (thick) fluid, it tends to adhere to the core and the surfaces of puzzles for much longer than spray lubricants, which tend to be a less viscous (thinner) fluid.


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