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Dayan Megaminx World Record Puzzle (Stickerless)

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Model: Rubik's Cube Style Puzzle


The Dayan Megaminx was used by Yu Da-Hyun (South Korea) when she set the single solve world record at the Asian Championships in 2014 and again in 2015 when she improved her world record to 37.58 seconds. It was also used by her to set the average solve world record of 42.89 seconds (based on 5 solves) at the Asian Championships in 2014.

This NEW version of one of my best selling puzzles is staggeringly good quality! Made by Dayan, the company who produce the best speed cubes in the world, it has a superb movement and is a really tight, robust puzzle.

The 12-sided Megaminx is one of the most sought after of puzzles. This is especially true of this puzzle, the much sought after 12-colour version (many puzzles are only 6-colours). The Megaminx is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of all of the sequential movement puzzles. The Megaminx is slightly larger than a standard Rubik's Cube.


The puzzle requires no adjusting as the default setting is absolutely excellent.


The approximate dimensions of the puzzle are 6.5cm3.


The Megaminx comes wrapped in bubble wrap to provide protection during transit.


Approximately 0.2 Kg

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Jared McComb, Monday 18. August, 2008
This is an excellent quality Megaminx! It's light and compact, turns excellently, and isn't at all prone to locking or popping. The stickers are very high quality as well and have a pleasant matte texture to them. It's also very easy to tell every color apart. If you don't yet own a Megaminx, this is a great one to start out with and is well worth the price!
James Rawet, Saturday 06. September, 2008
FANTASTIC, first things first. The order went through really quickly, posted next day arrived the day after that, so thats 100% fantastic. The megaminx is great, turns really well straight out of the packaging. Stickers feel really nice, I can tell they aren't going to peel or fall off. Great product, I recommend it for any cuber looking for something new or interesting
Matt Vardi, Saturday 08. November, 2008
i got this great puzzle in 2 days and it turned really really nice this is a puzzle that every puzzler needs in his greatest collections
Paul Williams, Wednesday 26. November, 2008
Fantastic puzzle. It never pops. Far better than my mefferts version. It's a little stiffer to turn, but better for speedsolving as you aren't constantly worrying about it popping. Recommend it.
Tony Zhang, Wednesday 07. January, 2009
Great quality. Solid, robust construction with a great performance to boot. I was thinking of subbing the lexan for Meffert's tiles, but now I will only do that as a last resort as the current tiles are absolutely amazing.
James Poley, Saturday 24. January, 2009
I had never bought a Megaminx before this one. It's so good I probably won't ever buy another. The tiles are fantastic, and lubricant or adjusting is not required. I recommend it to anyone.

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